Custom domain registration and management

Your own custom domain automatically setup with your Zaliet website.

Zaliet Add-Ons - BOAB IT

BOAB IT provides IT Managed Services to over 700 law firms in Australia.

In simple words, you have absolute control of your company’s hardware, software and services with the BOAB IT Portal. You can give your firm that much needed upgrade or even set it up from scratch, allocate devices to your staff and manage your users without having to call or wait for someone to do it for you, saving you and your firm valuable time and money.

How does BOAB IT work with Zaliet?

Any Zaliet clients using the BOAB IT portal will have their new or existing domains automatically setup to support Zaliet. This simply means we will setup your domain, DNS records and all that technical mumbo jumbo for you without affecting your emails or any other services.

Setting up your firm in the BOAB IT portal is quick and easy - and Zaliet clients that order a Managed Device from BOAB IT are eligible for a free domain as well! If you would like further information, please visit

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