Improve your law firm website with
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Zaliet website tools add useful functionality
for both you and your clients

You receive up to 22 website tools depending on the Zaliet plan you decide to go with.

Zaliet Website Blog


Adding a blog to your law firm’s website will not only keep clients engaged, but it improves your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Search engines like to see routine updates and additions to your website, and your blog is a part of your website. Blog posts also encourage clients to periodically check your website, which increases your website traffic. The Blogs website tool adds a blog to your website and provides the tools for easy publishing.

Zaliet Newsletters


Newsletters can help you show off your expertise and keep clients informed on a regular basis. If your recipients want to share, or they know someone who would be interested in your content, they can simply forward your newsletter. The Newsletters website tool allows you to collect emails from your website and provides you with the tools to input your content into newsletter templates and send to that email list.

Zaliet Websites - Client Reviews

Client Reviews

Prospective clients will likely want to see what previous clients have to say about your practice. For this reason, it is a good idea to publish client reviews on your website. The Client Reviews website tool collects feedback from your clients through a form on your website and lets you approve the reviews before displaying them on your website.

Zaliet Websites - Social Media Sharing

Social Media Sharing

Social media has continued to grow and has become another channel for you to reach your clients on. Share blog posts, announcements, promotions and more on social media to nurture and maintain client relationships as well as attract new clients. The Social Media Sharing website tool makes it easy with social media icons right on your website.

Zaliet Websites - Google Maps

Google Maps

You may have clients who are unfamiliar with your office location or not from the local area. Including Google maps on your website makes it easy for clients to not only visualise your location, but obtain step-by-step directions to your location. The Google Maps website tool allows you to include an interactive map directly on your website.

Zaliet Websites - Translations


Your client base may include people who speak different languages. For this reason we offer two multilingual website tools – the Google Website Translator website tool, which can translate your website content in 90+ different languages and the Website Translation website tool, where you supply the language translation and we include it in your website.

Browse the available Zaliet website tools
to help you improve your online presence:

Basic Plan

  • Contact Form: contact form allowing visitors to easily contact you
  • Site Traffic: monitor website activity and data
  • Spam Protection: prevent spam from coming in through your website
  • Google Maps: lets clients easily find your location
  • Social Profiles: connect with clients on social media
  • Google Fonts: change fonts to match your style
  • Image Optimization: turns images into a helpful SEO tool
  • Filename Cleanup: makes uploaded file names clear

Premium Plan

  • Google Website Translator: translate your website in 90+ languages
  • Redirections: old links are redirected to the current page
  • Customer Reviews: collect, moderate and display reviews
  • Social Media Sharing: expand your reach and audience
  • Blogs: add a blog to your website and keep clients engaged
  • Newsletters: create and send newsletters to keep clients informed
  • Email subscription: gather subscribers and leads

Platinum Plan

  • Custom Backgrounds: have a different image background for different pages
  • Customized Sidebars: have different sidebar elements on different pages
  • Website Translation: add your own translations for different languages
  • PopUps: create custom website popups
  • Import RSS Feeds: import and display blog, social or news feeds automatically
  • Content Broadcast: allow website visitors to engage via their social media

Partner Add-Ons

We also have partner add-ons to enhance your law firm’s website. You can view them here.

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