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Your website is a crucial tool in marketing your services to prospective and existing clients. The content and style of your website needs to address their concerns, provide guidance, and reassure them they are in good hands. Many clients will find this time in their lives stressful and disorderly - so your website shouldn’t be.

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A successful website will reflect your personality, address your client’s needs, and offer an interactive online experience.

This starts with who you are. People buy from people they trust. We have found that the better you can present yourself both visually and in terms of your personal skills and achievements, the more likely it is that an individual looking for services in your area of law will choose you.

Your branding, choice of images, portrait, and content all contribute to your personality and how clients perceive you. Having a professional portrait and images taken will give clients the trustworthy impressions they are searching for. 60% of consumers are more likely to consider a business when an image shows up in local search results.

Besides looking attractive, your website needs to have useful and relevant content. When it comes to the creation of content around the legal work lawyers do, we find that many struggle, as they are not marketers and that style of writing is not easy. To overcome this, we have built libraries of draft content in all common areas of law. It is much easier to edit than it is to create. By having quality, personalized and useful content on your website it will influence and attract clients to you.

Imagine if clients could discover you online, learn about your services, find content relating to their matter and book an appointment directly through your website. It seems obvious, yet so few lawyers are providing the opportunity to gain a huge competitive advantage over competitors. With Zaliet, you can attract more clients and offer them the best online experience.

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