Online Instruction Forms

Allow clients to complete an instruction form prior to appointments, improving workflow and efficiency.

Streamline your data entry


Reduce non-billable time

Save on administrative time by letting your clients do the work for you. Your instruction form collects your client’s information and emails it to you, so there is no need to retype any information. Instantly export the client's personal contact details directly into LEAP to get moving quickly.


Lower costly human error

No need to decode obscure handwriting or wait for new clients to fill in paper-based forms. Online instruction forms remove the layer of human error associated with data entry.


Convenient for the client

Clients arrive at appointments without having to fill in time-consuming forms. Through your Service Portal, clients can enter in their personal information at a time that suits them best.

Your Service Portal integrates with LEAP to help automate expensive non-billable tasks

For the first time, clients can connect with your firm online, from any device, 24/7.

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