Online document management for your clients

Provide a quick, secure and simple way for your clients to access shared documents.

Zaliet Add-On - LawConnect

LawConnect is a secure document management system for law firms and their clients. LawConnect provides a quicker, more secure and accurate, high quality service to your clients which delivers your law firm with a competitive edge like no other.

Being a cloud-based product, your client’s documents are in one, secure and organized location which can be access from anywhere, any time.

Because all documents are in real time you can see if a client has viewed a document or not. Shared documents can be accessed instantly as well as revoked instantly, if necessary.

How does LawConnect work with Zaliet?

Your clients can login to LawConnect directly through your Zaliet website. Add a LawConnect login button on your website for clients to easily and quickly access the documents you have shared with them.

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