Manage inquiries with your Inquiries Hub

Your Inquiries Hub gives you an easier way to manage your inquiries, 24/7.

Don't miss out on potential work


Send clients to your Web Portal

Make your Web Portal the one place that people visit to interact with your firm. If you are out of office a lot, instead of missing opportunities they will be captured for you.


Your Inquiries Hub does the work

Rather than having your receptionist take messages, or missing calls because you’re out, your Inquiries Hub can capture inquiries easily, online, 24/7. When you have time, new inquiries can be viewed in one easy location from any device.



Track the status of your leads with a clear overview of all your interactions. The Web Portal allows you to log calls, emails and update the status so you know when to follow up.


Create a Card in LEAP

Once you have assessed the inquiry and decide to take on the work, you can instantly create a Card in LEAP from the inquiry information on the Inquiries Hub. This eliminates duplication and improves accuracy.

The Inquiries Hub on your Web Portal integrates with LEAP to help automate expensive non-billable tasks

For the first time, clients can connect with your firm online, from any device, 24/7.

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